The Natural Art of Management – A Simple Way to Succeed – Industry Arts

In 20th century, when the management started to be studied as a separate academic and research field, various questions and academic debates started in intellectual circles. Among those very popular debates, one was regarding classification of management. Whether management is a science or art? Various articles, research papers and books were written in favor of each side and critics created balance by giving their insight about every aspect. Finally the conclusion was made that; management is both; science as well as art and various characteristics of both were given.Whatever might we believe in; science or art, one thing is sure. The application of the management practices demand that we keep both sides in our minds while doing a management job. This means that for being an effective manager a person not only has to follow the scientific process of management but also utilize the art of management. Some aspects of our daily life demand the process to be followed and in some cases we have to utilize the art of management. No matter whatever your job is, you have to use your artistic abilities to get the maximum results and some times effective manager have to say that if we don’t utilize our art, the process itself is unable to give us optimal outcome.Look at the auto manufacturing industry all over the world. USA is understood to be the pioneer in the sector. The sector started to flourish in USA and gave the world new ideas, scope and research but where US auto industry stands today? Almost same production process, plants and procedures are used all over the world. State of the art equipment is used for car manufacturing, still US industry is struggling and companies like Toyota are leading all over the world not GM.What is the reason? The reason is quite simple. When you follow the process and take it the only ultimate source of getting your outcome and not think out of the box (process) the failure or at least long-term inefficiency is ultimate result. US companies no matter, how smart they are, how modern their equipment may be; their inability to defeat the Japanese continuous innovation in the production process gave them a great daunt. Whether it is assembly line process or any other new addition, Japanese didn’t leave their art of management and they utilized it everywhere. They used their brainpower to continuously innovate and find out more efficient, more effective and cheaper ways to achieve maximum output.The researches have shown that the reason of leadership in businesses is innovation. US is still the largest GDP all over the world because of continuous innovation in its system. The administrative, legal, corporate and political system in US has always encouraged its citizens to think more and out of the box to make their country lead in the world. Today, if America is leading the world; that is because of its system. But the dilemma is; auto industry has not been able to use this system in its favor. It has been unable to innovate and defeat the overseas companies at least in its domestic market.Summarizing; I would say that the processes are made to get the maximum possible positive results. We should not wait for the process failure for bringing in something new. We should always strive to utilize our art of management to enhance productivity of the scientific methods. Science is a great tool to achieve your objectives but it cannot replace your natural talent and ability to solve the problem by utilizing your art of management. Thinking out of the box, thinking creatively and acting smartly are still the great ways to do the job in a better and plausible way. The natural art of management must be utilized.