Mixed Martial Arts – How It Has Become One of the Most Popular Sports in the World – Industry Arts

At present, MMA is one of the most popular sports in the world and continues to increase in popularity by the day. In spite of the seemingly brutal and dangerous kind of sport, people relish in its no holds barred fighting matches and delight in the variety of fighting styles that each participant brings in the arena. One of the elements that brought about the popularity of mixed martial arts is the versatility it brings as it encompasses multiple fighting styles into one discipline to create a whole new level of combat sport with the combination of various fighting techniques from Muay Thai, Boxing, Judo, Wrestling and Brazilian JiuJitsu. The combination of striking and grappling fighting styles are far more exciting compared to other combat sports that are one dimensional.How it came to beOne could not grasp the whole phenomenon of MMA without having to go back to where it all began. Mixed martial arts had a long history that originated in Ancient Greece where the earliest combat sport, known as Pankration, was first introduced in the Olympic Games in 648BC. From there it has evolved into a series of MMA events, from the no holds barred fighting competitions of the 1800s in Europe to the “Merikan” fighting in the early 1900s which featured boxing practitioners against Jujutsu experts. In the 1920s the infamous Gracie family initiated the Vale Tudo tournaments in Brazil which soon paved the way to the development of the modern-day mixed martial arts. Of course, the popularity of the sport would not intensify without the influence of Bruce Lee, wherein his supple and astounding moves in the dragon movie series displayed his martial arts prowess and captivated the world. Bruce Lee has introduced the comprehensive style of fighting with the mix of Judo, Jiu Jitsu, Karate and other western fighting strategies like boxing.However, this amazing combat sport really came together with the emergence of the Ultimate Fighting Championship in 1993 where Royce Gracie reigned in the early tournaments which inspired martial arts practitioners to train in multiple fighting techniques. Amidst the growing popularity of UFC and its roaring followers, it has become a subject of controversy and scrutiny in politics and media because of its violent nature. Hence, UFC eventually evolved from a no-holds-barred competition into a more standardized sporting event with safety rules encompassing it for a non-brutal and more fan-friendly mixed martial arts tournament. The changes opened the gateway to more mainstream media exposure and UFC has developed into one of the favorite household entertainments. In fact, UFC has dominated 6 of the 10 spots in the highest selling pay per view events in 2010. With UFC buying out 3 major players in the MMA industry and monopolizing the biggest fighting events, the popularity just skyrocketed.Aside from UFC, there are several other organizations that provide exciting mixed martial arts competitive fights combining all striking and grappling fighting styles from Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Muay Thai and wrestling. Hence, with the regular coverage on ESPN and other forms of media, MMA has now become unstoppable in its rising popularity will continue to be a top-rated event in the sports and entertainment industry.